Our Story

In June, 2018, our Airstream arrived! We moved in and soon left Albuquerque, heading North toward Colorado to spend time with the kids.

Our first stop was Santa Fe, where we had a chance to christen the rig with a trailer warming party. Love to everyone who was able to make it and gratitude to you as well, for making it a blast! We will miss our friends but we will be back. We hope to meet up with many of you along our travels as well.

We stopped in Antonito for a night, then on to Alamosa and the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado. The views were stunning even with the smoke from nearby fires.

Lake Pueblo was the next stop. We loved it so much, that we can’t wait to book our third visit there as soon as booking is available for July. We love the lake, the bike paths, and the town. The RV sites vary, but provide plenty of space and privacy. We also love how inexpensive it is to stay in most state parks across the US.

When we got to Boyd Lake, we finally got to spend time with the kids and many friends we love so much! It was a blast, and we will be back in June, 2019!

In Fort Collins, we stayed at the KOA. It’s not our favorite, but the location is great. We helped Neil and Victoria with their move, and got to have the Airstream bonding experience with them. Al and Victoria competed for “speediest identification of ‘90s songs.” They tied. I loved having time to catch up a bit with dear friends in the area.

Our story continues here: https://shinynomad.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/part-2-wyoming/