Ch-ch-ch Changes!

The Poudre River

When Al and I left Albuquerque with the Airstream, we hoped to find that elusive town that would make us want to settle down and stay. We found a few! But, ultimately, when we really examined our priorities, we had known all along where we wanted to be for the long term: Fort Collins, CO. We want to be near the kids, of course! Duh.

We had originally planned to move to Fort Collins when Al first decided to retire. But, at the time, we could not see ourselves paying the high price to buy a home there. Rentals were scarce and “student-y.” Also, they have those snowy, cold winters. At some point, after looking at real estate for months, I said, “I don’t want a big house, just a small, functional, clean little space. But it doesn’t seem to be available in Fort Collins.” That’s when Al said, “Airstream?”

So we’ve traveled full time in our shiny little home for 16 months. We had an amazing trip, and loved living in the Airstream. It’s a beautiful, comfortable and very well built travel trailer.

Now, we’re almost ready to be done with this type of travel. There are many new apartments for rent in Fort Collins now, so we should have no problem finding a place we like.

We’ll be home in Fort Collins on April 20, 2020. Right now, we plan to sell the Airstream. We will always travel, but we’ll have a home base in Fort Collins. I have revised the Future Plans page to reflect the new plan for 2020. I will continue to post photos of our life and travels. I also post photos on Instagram.

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