I love Tucson for being warm when most other places in the US are cold. I also love downtown, especially Hotel Congress, which, in my memories, is the ideal place to vacation: sunshine, patio, dog friendly, live music, and a restaurant and bar right there. Nearby hiking in one of the most beautiful deserts anywhere makes it that much better. Tucson looked very different from an RV perspective.

We were in Tucson for 10 days. We stayed at Rincon Country West RV Resort. Tucson was one of the places that was booked up already when I started my planning in January. This RV resort (our “last resort” for booking Tucson 2019) is a 55+ resort. It has everything you need. It’s a prize winning “mega park”. Security is tight, which the residents appreciate. I think metal spikes and razor wire is a bit overkill, but if it gives folks there a feeling of security, fine. We enjoyed the access to the biking/walking path network from the park. It is in a good location if you want to spend time inside the city of Tucson. However, we would not stay there again. This was our first 55+ park, and we learned that we enjoy the age diversity of “regular” campgrounds. We have also learned that we prefer a beautiful view to other amenities. Additionally, they did not inform us in advance (or at all) that they were using generators in our section of the park. It was an unpleasant surprise to have little choice but to stay in this area, which was loud and smelled of diesel exhaust. In other words, it was exactly like staying in a truck stop, except for the $50/night charge and lack of truck stop food. Folks, make your reservations early for the Tucson area.

Check out this article about Tucson murals. Very cool.


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