Post-Big Bend; Pre-Tucson

This blog is longer than most of mine, but don’t give up! It’s chock full of fun.

From Big Bend, we enjoyed the beautiful drive west via 170, along the Rio Grande. We stopped over for one night at Loma Paloma Golf Course in Presidio, TX. Then, on to Marfa for a couple of days. We had planned to explore Marfa on a Monday. Be advised that there is almost nothing open on Mondays or Tuesdays. Your best bet is Thursday through Saturday.

From Marfa, we drove to Brantley Lake, north of Carlsbad. It’s not pretty. But it was better than the RV parks in Carlsbad. Further to drive to town or to the caverns, but a nicer view and more room to walk and hang out outside. We visited the caverns, but I didn’t take any photos because you can google it and see professional photos of the caverns.

Alamogordo was the next stop. We got caught up on some basic maintenance, laundry, shopping, and cleaning. We went to the New Mexico Museum of Space History, which is boring. They are working on it ;). My favorite part was the Star Trek exhibit. We also walked in the Desert Foothills Park with Cooper, and went to the zoo. From the trail at Desert Foothills Park, you can see the Organ mountains, Sacramento mountains, and Sierra Blanca mountain range. You can clearly see White Sands as well. Alamogordo could be such a great little town, if there were jobs there. Right now, its a worn out little town full of broken things and empty shops. I saw in the news that the German Airforce pilot training at Holloman AFB will end this year, likely further damaging Alamogordo’s economy, as several hundred families will leave the area.

I picked up some salsa and chile in Hatch on the way to Deming. Deming is a place I have driven through many times, but never stopped in before, other than maybe to get gas. But we stayed for 3 nights this time, giving us just the right amount of time there. The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum was surprisingly interesting. After that, we wandered into Elisa’s House of Pies. An excellent lunch place with soul food! We also visited Rock Hound and Spring Canyon State Parks. We took our binoculars, but did not see any Persian Ibexes. 

Although I have been to Benson, AZ before, I somehow booked us at an RV park there for several days. Benson is actually not somewhere anyone needs to go at all, let alone for several days. We experienced our first RV park garage sale day. Of course we visited the Kartchner Caverns State Park to hike and tour the caverns. This is a relatively newly discovered cave, so they are working hard not to destroy it, using the knowledge gained from experiences from other caverns. FYI, you should try to get a reservation for a tour. Ask if there will be 13 children under 10 on the tour. We learned how far toddler screams can carry in a cavern.

After we had moved to Bisbee, the RV park where we stayed in Benson had a shooting involving ICE officers. Basically, an ongoing criminal investigation led the officers to the RV park, where they attempted to conduct a search of an RV, but were met with gun fire. They returned fire (‘er whatever) and apprehended the targeted criminal. Well, I am glad we were in Bisbee at this point.

While in the area, we got to spend some time with my baby brother, Steven, and his family. We met in Sierra Vista to have dinner at Chile’s. It was so good to see April and Jessica and Michael. The kids have grown up, and are smart and funny.

Bisbee is one of our favorite places. We enjoyed staying at the Queen Mine RV Park. This was our third trip to Bisbee. We even came once to meet with a real estate agent because I love this place so much, I want to marry it. We did not decide to move here at that time, but it’s still on the short list. Even though it’s a very small town, I love the culture and the views. The people here are my favorite kind of people: laid back and open minded. The climate cannot be beat. We always have a great time there, and pretty much anything you do there is a workout. Which offsets visits to St. Elmo’s (a world class dive bar) and Old Bisbee Brewing Co.

One thought on “Post-Big Bend; Pre-Tucson

  1. How I agree!! I hated the area around Carlsbad Caverns🤣 The Caverns and immediate surrounding area of about 5 miles was beautiful. The Guadalupe Mtns are beautiful… But, Carlsbad? UGLY. Carlsbad to Roswell wasn’t spectacular either. I guess coming from Big Bend, it was going to take something better to impress us!!

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