Lake Casa Blanca and Garner State Park, Texas

On our way toward Big Bend NP, we stopped at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park and Garner State Park. Lake Casa Blanca is just outside of Laredo, TX. It’s a good place to stay if you want to go into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The campground and lake were not great, but we did see a javalina, lots of roadrunners, and some deer. There was an annoying constant beeping in the campground we were in. But it was fine for a quick stopover. We were here the beginning of February and it was warm and humid. Temps in the 70s.

Garner is a nicer state park, and I’m sure it’s very busy in the summer. It’s a popular place to go tubing down the Frio River (which is not very “frio” at this location, thanks to a dam which causes it to be wide and shallow). The campsite we were in had a view of the river and lots of shade trees. The town nearby is Leakey, TX. It’s a very small town. But right at the park, they offer lots of amenities including a Grill (in an Airstream!) and a store that has pretty much anything you might have forgotten to pick up for your trip. The showers are nice, with lots of hot water, and they’re free. The weather in February was foggy and rainy with temps in the 60s.

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