Port Aransas

We stayed at Port A RV Resort at Port Aransas, TX for the month of January, 2019. We spent most of our time on the beach: walking Cooper, hiking the jetty, riding bikes, and just relaxing. I bought a trash grabby thingy and sometimes we took a bucket and picked up trash on the beach, but most days there’s not much trash out there. I got Al to play a couple of games of Bocce. I love games, but he doesn’t so much. I guess he gets tired of winning all the time(?). He’s good at everything!

We took field trips to nearby San José Island, North Padre Island, and Corpus Christi. After a long day of activities, we would get into the hot tub (the only time when I feel no arthritis pain, AKA Heaven), then shower and hang out at home. We love this resort, and have already made our reservation for next winter. The people who run this resort are incredibly helpful and island-level laid back. The best.

I recommend eating lunch at Irie’s and Kody’s. I adore shrimp, so I also loved a grilled shrimp salad at Billy Joe’s Craft House. They also have a decent beer selection. Get breakfast at Coach’s. That’s an order. Every place we ate here was good, though. You can’t survive as a business here if you’re not worth the support. So probably all of the local restaurants are good. But still go where I told you to.

I spent a little time looking at vacation rentals here. It’s pricey, but most beach vacations will cost you. So it’s worth it. But I’m glad I get to stay in my portable home. Locals say the popular times here are summer and spring break. If you are like us and prefer no crowds, come anytime from September through May. Avoid Spring Break. But do plan to visit the Texas Gulf Coast soon, and help out with its recovery. In my opinion, Port Aransas is the best of the Gulf Coast communities.

One thought on “Port Aransas

  1. That’s so cool!
    Finally looked to see where you people are at! Looks like a stressful life. ✌️😀
    Becky, you look cold all bundled up in the one pic with Cooper on the beach.
    So what’s next after TexASS?

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