How’s Cooper Doing?

Our dog, Cooper, is an very lucky dog. He gets tons of attention, now that Al and I are retired. He seems to really like his space under the table, where he can keep close track of our activities in the Airstream.

He gets long walks, tug games and water play. As a New Mexican, he was pretty surprised when the Gulf waves moved toward him! He was startled and confused. But now that he goes to the beach daily, he understands the water and loves it. He does attack moving seaweed, though. Never sneak up on Cooper in a seaweed costume.

We rarely let him play with other dogs now, though. He has met several vicious dogs on our travels, and we decided it’s not worth it to put him in the position of being attacked in a small, fenced in place. (If you have a vicious dog, why would you go to a dog park with it?! I know I’m preaching to the choir here.) He still gets to socialize with trusted dogs in supervised and relaxed settings. He wants to chase squirrels, rabbits, and deer. But we keep him under control at all times, and he is learning to control his impulses. Sometimes, when he sees something he wants and knows he can’t have it, he will just come over to me and put his head in my lap, hiding his eyes so he can get himself under control. It’s pretty cute.

He seems content and healthy. I’m betting all three of us lose weight now that we have more time to play.

2 thoughts on “How’s Cooper Doing?

  1. We miss him and you guys on the beach We are out of here. TOO cold for us Cdns Harlingen 68F here we go. Got some friends there with hydro. Aleid & Ynskje Aleid & Ps we lived near Harlingen In Holland a bike ride away!

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