How’s the Airstream?

We meet quite a few people who wonder how we live in such a small space. If we wanted, we could live in a big Class A or 5th wheel, and have a washer and dryer, much more storage, a fireplace for those chilly mornings, and slide outs to expand the living space into a small house, larger than some of the apartments I have lived in.

But we are loving the Airstream. The lack of storage means that we have only what we need. We are both minimalists by nature, and it is freeing to have everything we need an no junk. As soon as we notice we have something we don’t use, we donate it. We have been full time in it since June, and we have less stuff now than we started out with.

Of course we love how well the Airstream is made. So far, we have had two problems with the Airstream. First, the fridge was not working on propane when we unplugged. It was trying to switch over but would not light. We had a mobile RV repair van come to us and quickly fix it, charging a very reasonable amount. Our other issue is that the small bathroom fan quit working, which will likely be an easy fix. Compared with the problems others have with their rigs, we are very lucky (plus, smart for getting a well built RV).

The other thing people ask about frequently is how we can stand to be together in such a small space. We do get tired of being together all of the time. But that has little to do with the Airstream. Any two people traveling together will occasionally need to take time apart. It’s extremely easy to do. Either of us can just walk out the door and go somewhere else. Problem solved. We’re not imprisoned in it.

I find it to be a beautiful and comfortable luxury home on wheels, and I love it so much, I smile every time we come home to it. And to be able to take it everywhere we go is a convenience I had not even considered in the past. Overall, it’s the perfect rig for us. We have never regretted moving into this tiny shiny home.

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