South Dakota

Al had never been to South Dakota, but I used to live there. So it was fun for me to go back and see the ways in which the area had changed. We camped in Custer State Park. We traveled all around the area. Al loved Spearfish Canyon and Jewel Cave. I noticed that the area has less tacky signage and looks more natural now than it did BITD (the 80s and 90s). I was surprised to learn that there is no such thing as Black Hills Gold anymore. The company went out of business and I guess there is no more gold mining in the area (according to the clerk at a shop somewhere, so, must be true).

You can see above, one of the ways I “scrapbook” our travels. I take photos of tickets, informational signs, and sometimes write on the photos. I wanted to remember Denial Cafe because we liked it and got a good beer there. Another thing I do, that I learned from Lisa, whom we met at Crystal Lake, is to make notes in my calendar regarding how we like each place we stay, who we meet there, which sites at certain campgrounds are the best, and any other info I may want for the future.

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