After we left Fort Collins, we stayed at the FamCamp at F.E. Warren Air Force Base for a few days. I like this base, relative to the others I have visited, because of the history and the antelope everywhere.

Curt Gowdy State Park was the next stop. We stayed at Crystal Lake and had a fabulous view, met some fun people, and kayaked on the smoothest water I had seen at the time. Crystal lake is a motor free lake, so kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are all you see there. We were havin too much fun and I did not take any photos of the lake. But below you can see Cooper passed out in the sun, two shots taken in Laramie, and the Our Lady of Peace Shrine at Pine Bluffs, WY.

North, to Glendo Lake, where we enjoyed being alone in the campground, and rain on the Airstream roof.

Next stop was Sheridan to visit family.

We loved Keyhole Lake, below, near Devil’s Tower, and highly recommended staying at the campground there. One thing to note about Wyoming, is that they required us to get our kayaks inspected for invasive species. Don’t get caught without your permits, or with a glass container of anything in Wyoming! They are keeping it pure.

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